[CentOS] Offsite hosted backup solutions

Mon Dec 18 14:14:51 UTC 2017
Richard Zimmerman <rzimmerman at riverbendhose.com>

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> Can't say about Windows clients, but for all my Linux machines, I'm 

Hands down Veeam Endpoint Backup for Windows clients to a secure samba share. 

1. Veeam Endpoint Backup is FREE (Seriously)

2. I backup to a Samba share that is locked to the user computer name and unique password
	a. CentOS 6.9, Samba 3.x, RAID1 backup array 6 TB. (About 78% full)
	b. WDC WD6002FFWX-68TZ4N0 Red Pro drives
	c. 40 Windows clients on a 1g connection to BackupPC server (in name only)
	d. Backups scheduled over a 12 hour period in the evening,
	e. TWO off-site backups via USB 3.0 interface and external drives using rsync (takes roughly 6-9 hours depending on load)
	f. ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1220 v3 @ 3.10GHz, 8g ram, SSD / drive

3. YES, I've had to use it for BMR and it does work!
	a. A BMR over the network is slow but works. Particular machine was a 10/100 client.

Been using it for not quite 3 years now after finally giving up on BackupPC. 

I wrote a simple script to tell me when machines haven't backup in over 5 days so I can go pay attention to them. 

It's pretty much set and forget.