[CentOS] How to downgrade gtk2 libs in CentOS 6.8?

Mon Jan 9 09:08:04 UTC 2017
Walter Dnes <waltdnes at waltdnes.org>

  Hi all.  I'm using a CentOS 6.8 VM to do volunteer builds for an open
source project.  I want to build Pale Moon with a gtk2 library older
than 2.24, to allow people with older linuxes to run it.  Short summary,
if built against version gtk2-2.24 and/or higher, the binary will use a
function that does not exist in gtk2-2.23 and lower.  Net result is that
the program dies with an "undefined symbol:" error for people with
machines lower than gtk2-2.24.  Yes, before you ask, they do get
security fixes backported.

  The hits from my Google search suggested...

yum downgrade gtk2

  The response from yum was...

Only Upgrade available on package: gtk-2.24.23-8.e16.i686
Nothing to do

  Are there ways around this?

Walter Dnes <waltdnes at waltdnes.org>