[CentOS] Firefox Issue

Wed Jan 11 12:43:10 UTC 2017
Always Learning <centos at u68.u22.net>

Goeiemiddag Leonard,

> On Tue, 2017-01-10 at 12:00 +0000, Always Learning wrote:
> > (4) The 'extra' Apache Virtual Host file contains ....
> > 
> > <VirtualHost dummy.domain.com:80>
> Why do you add dummy.domain.com:80 here as the match is done on the
> ServerName?
> >     DocumentRoot /prod/web/domains/dummy/
> >     ServerName
> >     CustomLog ............
> >     ErrorLog  ...........
> >     HostnameLookups Off

(5) IP addresses hosting multiple web sites will have a host name. That
host name is unlikely to be the name of one of the hosted web sites. For

Thus, if an attempt is made to connect to "a web site" with a domain
name of "4-3-2-1-static.friendly-ip.com", it will not be a genuine
access attempt, by a genuine web user, to a genuine web site.

It is likely an access attempt to a non-hosted web site name on
will automatically be redirected by Apache to the virtual
domain. One could say the host name, 4-3-2-1-static.friendly-ip.com, is
not absolutely required in the virtual host file.

Not knowing whether all access attempts to the IP host name will always
be directed to the virtual host file, I included the host name.

(6) Another example is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting multiple
web sites and a mail server (Mail Transfer Agent = MTA) on a single IP

The web sites could be:-


The mail server (MTA) could be:-


When someone attempts to access web site "mail3.example.com", having
that "web site name" in the Apache virtual host file, results in the
request instantly being redirected to
One can have several "web site names" in the virtual host file, in
addition to the IP address.

Similarly, if someone attempts to send emails to ..... at mail3.example.com
the mail server should reject it because that "domain name" is not a
genuine email address domain name for the MTA.

(7)  I developed an Apache error processing system. It consists of
several PHP routines. It does not work for status codes of 400 or 500 (I
do not know why) but it does for 403 and 404.

That system, shared by all hosted web sites, examines the requested web
page name and compares it to two lists, one starting with /... and the
other with keywords in any position. If a match is found, the IP address
is placed in a monthly table (in IPtables) and blocked (sudo command in
a PHP routine). This means after the first conspicuously wrong
(deliberately wrong) attempt to access a non-existent web page, the IP
address is instantly blocked.

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