[CentOS] [EL6] How to follow upstream updates?

Fri Jan 27 00:04:31 UTC 2017
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 01/26/2017 05:43 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 1/26/2017 3:32 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> It should populate all mirror.centos.org servers in the next hour and
>> then external mirrors as they sync on their schedules.
> speaking of, that brings up a question I've had been meaning to ask...
> Is there any mechanism in place to keep these external mirror updates
> coherent, so there's no window where a client doing a yum update could
> pull down an updated RPM which depends on another updated RPM that's not
> yet available on that mirror ?

The repodata for all repo's syncs after all the rpms (in a second run)
.. so that should not happen on a mirror.centos.org.

For external mirrors, those are donated and maintained by people who are
volunteers .. we have no real input on how often they update or how they
do it.

We do modify our mirrorlist so that it only lists the mirrors that have
the proper repodata.  If the external mirrors also sync their repodata
last, this should be sufficient.

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