[CentOS] doing something before everything else

Sat Jul 22 19:33:23 UTC 2017
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Am 22.07.2017 um 20:47 schrieb Jonathan Billings:
>> On Jul 22, 2017, at 12:25 PM, Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org> wrote:
>> While I am really surprised that the Jenkins team hasn't made their Jenkins RPM packages systemd aware but still providing a sysv init script, you probably try to do something which should be solved in a different way.
> There’s always:
> https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Installing+Jenkins+as+a+Unix+daemon <https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Installing+Jenkins+as+a+Unix+daemon>
> scroll down to the systemd section.
> --
> Jonathan Billings <billings at negate.org>

Ok, thanks for that hint. I only had a look into the RPM of the latest 
Jenkins release and that's not shipping with a service file. Well, you 
can follow the wiki and place the jenkins.service file into 
/etc/systemd/system/. Probably the project does not care to build 
packages for the different major releases shipping with different init 

Still curious what Andrew tries to achieve.