[CentOS] Slow Samba

Sun Jul 23 11:08:40 UTC 2017
vychytraly . <vychytraly at gmail.com>

Hello friends,

I have a Gigabit network with few Windows and Centos 7 machines and I
noticed that when copying files via Samba from:

Windows to Windows I can copy files with speed of +- 120 MBps (I think this
is the max speed gigabit network can provide)

But when copying files from:

Centos to Centos I get only speeds of about 40 MBps

Windows to Centos 40 MBps

Centos to Windows 40 MBps

I tried to add these lines:

use sendfile = yes

to smb.conf file but got no speed improvement, (so I think they dont need
to be there, do they?)

Please do you know what could be the issue? Is there some way to get full
speed the network can provide?

P.S.: I had the same issue on 100 mbps network - Win to Win could copy 12
MBps but Centos only 4 MBps.

Thank you very much for your time

Have a nice day