[CentOS] System Start-Up Issue Progress

Tue Jul 4 12:01:17 UTC 2017
Chris Olson <chris_e_olson at yahoo.com>

My thanks to all that responded to my posting about our virtual
machine CentOS 6 system start-up issue.  I found the alternative
boot options to be the most helpful.  Interrupting the boot-up
process with Alt-d or Escape allowed me to see what appears to
be a quite normal string of start, install and mount activity.
However, this process ends with the system hanging at the point

Starting ipmidetectd: ipmidetectd: No nodes configured  [FAILED]
Starting sendmail:

It is not clear to me whether the boot-up process is hanging due
to the failed starting of ipmidetectd or sendmail, but I suspect
that the ipmidetectd start up failure is the actual cause. It is
not clear whether any IPMI related features were ever installed.

Interrupting the boot-up process and selecting Run Level 1 results
in a functioning system.  Starting with other Run Levels results
in the incomplete boot-up process noted previously.  Using the
"service network start" command yielded functional network and
internet connectivity. This enabled the successful execution of
yum update.  The update consisted of kernel and other updates
with a total download size of 274 MB.

After this update, the boot-up process still hangs at the point
indicated above.  Why this is happening is still a mystery and
if it actually is IPMI related, why would this be appropriate
or even needed in a CentOS system that is running on VirualBox.
There is no IPMI related hardware accessible to the virtual
CentOS system or on the Windows 7 host system. It would be
good if the IPMI start-up could be disabled.