[CentOS] C7, systemd, say what?!

Wed Jun 7 18:28:06 UTC 2017
Always Learning <centos at u68.u22.net>

On Wed, 2017-06-07 at 11:23 -0500, Johnny Hughes wrote:

> If you want to create a CentOS-7 variant that does not use systemd,
> then start a Special Interest Group and create modified packages
> to use something else instead ......., much like the this group did
> with Debian:
> https://devuan.org/
> In the case of CentOS-7 .. you don't need to create a whole new
> distro, you can just petition the CentOS Project Board to create a
> Special Interest Group to get access to CentOS Project controlled
> resources to build packages (and get them rolled into our mirrors,
> etc.) to use something other than systemd.

Excellent idea. I'll gladly sign any such petition :-)


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