[CentOS] using autofs on C-7

Thu Jun 8 23:02:05 UTC 2017
Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com>

On 6/8/2017 11:03 AM, Fred Smith wrote:
> I'm trying to set up autofs on my C7 netbook so I can automount a cifs
> share (actually two) from my NAS box, and because when I'm not at home
> I don't want it attempting to mount it.

Automounting is now done through systemd. You just have to create two 
"unit files" to describe the mount. One holds the information for a 
static mount in fstab and the other is the automount entry that launches 
the first when its mount point is accessed.


So you'd need two files, mnt-syno\x2dfredex.mount and 
mnt-syno\x2dfredex.automount, both in /etc/systemd/system. You'll need 
an Options= clause in the .mount file for your CIFS mount options.

Note that the .mount file is not enabled, so it doesn't mount at boot 
time. Enable the .automount file to start at boot and it will start the 
.mount file on access.

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