[CentOS] test builds on private server updates (kernel)

Mon Jun 26 19:02:22 UTC 2017
Andreas Benzler <andreas at benzlerweb.de>

Sorry Hughes,

got some questions. 

I have the feeling that I do a lot wrong. Today I sent a mailing post
at fedora where it is also about btrfs under fedora.

In time when i write the mail i forward it my patch for fedora 25
pretransaction & snapper.yp, with the hope of feedback.


Sometimes I don't know where to push the information.

on https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/andybe/CentOS7Python34/

I release a ticket because snapper gui do not build on there repo.
Local with mock or without it never fails. No response.

Since yesterday learned how to use snapper against the dbus api. What
is the better way in my opinion. After some rest i will do it first on
centos and it back into fedora "dnf" later on.

It looks to me as if in a Fedora release little movement. If someone
wants to upgrade something you simply move it there gladly times on the
next release. This generates a high unwilling something at all a
working release to submit an improvement. This is a lot better under
Centos, although Redhat is very slow with its update cycles.

Too bad the feedback is not as good as under Centos.

In principal there are to many ways to push errors or improvments on
each (centos, redhat, fedora) distros.

Or am I doing something wrong. Is there anything I can do better?

It is hopefully not that I care 3 various Linux (This time
Arch/Manjaro, Fedora, Centos). It helps to get ideas.

Thanks for advice.