[CentOS] Not Able to Configure Nagios Server 4.3.4 in Centos 7

Wed Oct 25 13:23:42 UTC 2017
Abhinay Khanna <abhinaykhanna15 at outlook.com>

Thanks for your reply

Actually the case is that the compiling  process and make all, make install processes didn't report any errors but when I trying to access or start the service Nagios it gives me an error stating it's unable to find that service.

This happens with me when I try to manually install the applications from source.
Am I missing any important step in the installation process that could be causing this issue.

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Subject: Re: [CentOS] Not Able to Configure Nagios Server 4.3.4 in Centos 7

> As per the installation instructions I ran the commands in the concerned
> folders of ./configure , make , make install for both the core and the Nagios
> plugins.
> I am not able to figure out the issue behind that it is not working It did got
> installed using yum which was a previous 4.3.2 that that had it's own errors
> and wanted me to update with no update of it available in the epel
> repository.

What's not working?  Did it compile correctly?  Nagios needs some extra packages to for all of its features to work.  These can be installed via YUM even if you compile Nagios itself from source.

Also, if you install Nagios from source, SELinux will prevent it from doing a lot of stuff by default.  However, it's entirely possible to run Nagios with SELinux in Enforcing mode with the right policy.
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