[CentOS] Not Able to Configure Nagios Server 4.3.4 in Centos 7

Thu Oct 26 13:18:04 UTC 2017
Chris Beattie <cbeattie at unitrends.com>

> Actually the case is that the compiling  process and make all, make install
> processes didn't report any errors but when I trying to access or start the
> service Nagios it gives me an error stating it's unable to find that service.
> This happens with me when I try to manually install the applications from
> source.
> Am I missing any important step in the installation process that could be
> causing this issue.

Did you also run the rest of the make install commands (install-init, install-config, etc.)?  I seem to recall that install-init is the one that sets up the services so that "service nagios start" or "systemctl start nagios.service" work.