[CentOS] Back to Xfce

Mon Aug 6 14:55:10 UTC 2018
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>


Thank you!  But I am Dyslexic and very mono-linguistic; at least I could 
read the actual commands, if not all the wonderful comments...

On 08/06/2018 10:26 AM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Le 06/08/2018 à 16:05, Robert Moskowitz a écrit :
>> But notes that this installs Gnome (which I don't want) and that instead to
>> yum groupinstall “X Window System”
>> But has concerns if this installs all needed followed up with
>> yum groupinstall "Xfce"
>> Thing is on armhfp, I do not have “X Window System” or "Xfce"
> I can partially answer your question, since I'm running Xfce both on my
> workstation and my laptop.

I switched to Xfce with Fedora 20 and have put up with Gnome on my 
Centos systems so far.

> Here's my custom script that installs a full-blow bells-and-whistles
> Xfce desktop from a minimal CentOS installation, without any unnecessary
> packages.
> https://github.com/kikinovak/centos-7-desktop-xfce/blob/master/postinstall.sh
> Once you've installed the "X Window System" group and you invoke "yum
> groupinstall Xfce", the group consists of not much more than a dozen
> explicit core packages (Thunar, xfdesktop, xfce4-panel, etc.) and then -
> of course - all the dependencies are installed. Give this a spin on an
> x86_64 machine and then write down this relatively short list.

I don't have an x86_64 machine with Centos on it.  I would have to play 
with Qemu VM for centos on this Fedora 28 notebook.  All my servers 
(other than the ClearOS one) are ARM.

The armhfp repos (including epel) do not have either the "X Windows 
System" or "Xfce" (and any sub-groups that calls).  So I am asking for 
the content of those groups.  Hopefully the source scripts so I can 
modify them (as needed) for armhfp.

It would seem that there is a source file somewhere in the source tree 
with the script(s) contents.


> Cheers,
> Niki