[CentOS] Back to Xfce

Mon Aug 6 15:11:51 UTC 2018
Tony Schreiner <anthony.schreiner at bc.edu>

On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 10:55 AM Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

> Nicolas,
> Thank you!  But I am Dyslexic and very mono-linguistic; at least I could
> read the actual commands, if not all the wonderful comments...
> On 08/06/2018 10:26 AM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> > Le 06/08/2018 à 16:05, Robert Moskowitz a écrit :
> >> But notes that this installs Gnome (which I don't want) and that
> instead to
> >>
> >> yum groupinstall “X Window System”
> >>
> >> But has concerns if this installs all needed followed up with
> >>
> >> yum groupinstall "Xfce"
> >>
> >> Thing is on armhfp, I do not have “X Window System” or "Xfce"
> > I can partially answer your question, since I'm running Xfce both on my
> > workstation and my laptop.
> I switched to Xfce with Fedora 20 and have put up with Gnome on my
> Centos systems so far.
> > Here's my custom script that installs a full-blow bells-and-whistles
> > Xfce desktop from a minimal CentOS installation, without any unnecessary
> > packages.
> >
> >
> https://github.com/kikinovak/centos-7-desktop-xfce/blob/master/postinstall.sh
> >
> > Once you've installed the "X Window System" group and you invoke "yum
> > groupinstall Xfce", the group consists of not much more than a dozen
> > explicit core packages (Thunar, xfdesktop, xfce4-panel, etc.) and then -
> > of course - all the dependencies are installed. Give this a spin on an
> > x86_64 machine and then write down this relatively short list.
> I don't have an x86_64 machine with Centos on it.  I would have to play
> with Qemu VM for centos on this Fedora 28 notebook.  All my servers
> (other than the ClearOS one) are ARM.
> The armhfp repos (including epel) do not have either the "X Windows
> System" or "Xfce" (and any sub-groups that calls).  So I am asking for
> the content of those groups.  Hopefully the source scripts so I can
> modify them (as needed) for armhfp.
> It would seem that there is a source file somewhere in the source tree
> with the script(s) contents.
> thanks
In the file
from the repodata in the Epel 7 repository there is the following for the
Xfce group, is this helpful to you?


      <packagereq type="mandatory">Thunar</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="mandatory">xfce-utils</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="mandatory">xfce4-panel</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="mandatory">xfce4-session</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="mandatory">xfce4-settings</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="mandatory">xfconf</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="mandatory">xfdesktop</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="mandatory">xfwm4</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">NetworkManager-gnome</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">gdm</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">leafpad</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">openssh-askpass</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">orage</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">polkit-gnome</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">thunar-archive-plugin</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">thunar-volman</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">tumbler</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">xfce4-appfinder</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">xfce4-icon-theme</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">xfce4-power-manager</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">xfce4-session-engines</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">xfce4-terminal</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="default">xfwm4-theme-nodoka</packagereq>

      <packagereq type="optional">xfwm4-themes</packagereq>

      <packagereq requires="pinentry"