[CentOS] TLS 1.3 and openSSL 1.1.1 support

Tue Aug 14 15:36:50 UTC 2018
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

TLS 1.3 RFC has 'shipped':  RFC 8446.  Don't yet know all that will have 
to be updated to support it, but I am working on openSSL 1.1.1 beta 
which is available in the Fedora 29 beta.  The openSSL team is looking 
at one more beta release (I had challenges with ED25519 certs, I will 
soon have an Internet Draft out on them).

So general heads up.  TLS 1.3 is claimed to be the cat's meow for 
security (I see it as a kitchen sink).  There will be questions asking 
for when it will be available (wait until they start thinking about 
creating EDDSA pkis).

Yet another thing for our hard working Centos team.