[CentOS] Proxy rendering of 4K

Tue Aug 14 21:43:15 UTC 2018
Phil Evans <philevans64rbp at gmail.com>

Hi everyone.

I have used cinelerra for several years and love the application, so
thanks to all for the hard work.

I recently started to edit 4K footage from a Canon 1DX Mk 2. This is
obviously very slow even with a six core processor. So I am required to
use proxy files to speed things up. This worked with fedora 28. However
I have changed to Centos 7.5 and now have an issue, the proxy files
when dropped into the viewer are very small only taking up a small part
of the window. 
I cannot find a way to resize these to fill the viewer window. This did
not happen on fedora 28. 
I set the >settins >format to the resolution of the original video,
then the >settings >Proxy settings to use scaler, 1/3rd size, FFMPEG
Mp4 and auto proxy/scale media loads.
I then import the video and drag the newly created proxy file into the
viewer where it sits at a third size in the centre of the viewer

Any suggestions welcome.
Cinelerra 5.1 built jul 31st 2018 06:59:29

Regards Phil Evans