[CentOS] kvm & keypad on Centos 7.5

Wed Aug 29 01:40:47 UTC 2018
Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec at PoMec.Net>


I have a lab computer I am using to test kvm.  It was difficult to
install with NetworkManager running.  After I turned nm off I got the
bridge to work and to stay in place.  NetworkManager kept chaning

I have several things I would like to learn and to tweak with KVM and
virtal machines.

The first small tweak is how to turn on the keypad on a keyboard.  I
have tried two logitech keyboards and both fail to allow the use of the
keypad on the guest.  On the host it works fine.  I have a nvidia card
in place with kmod-nvidia installed; the numeric keypad failed before
and after  kmod-nvidia was installed.

Any ideas, or this a bug???

Greg Ennis