[CentOS] bash completion in C7

Wed Aug 29 06:33:44 UTC 2018
wwp <subscript at free.fr>

Hello there,

while bash completion was working great to me in CentOS6, since I'm
using C7 I spend my day stuck on completion not working the way it

The bad situations I'm facing are:
 - it doesn't expand *foo whereas there are *foo-named files in current dir, for instance:
   # rm *foo
   will show nothing whereas there's a file barfoo in curdir.

 - completion takes 10 sec to propose me something, I don't have an
   example right here but I'd prefer no completion instead of a
   completion that hangs for more than 3 sec.

I don't care much about command-specific completion (command --switches
and so on), but it generally fails in listing files in curdir, that is
a huge fail to me.

I have this installed:

Didn't touch global or user prefs around bash completion if there are.

Am I missing something or is it just an itchy fail, real pain in the *ss?


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