[CentOS] LVM problems

Mon Jul 2 16:23:56 UTC 2018
Thomas Schweikle <tschweikle at gmail.com>


Folowing setup:

4x HD 500TB

1st: /boot 4GB, remaining part LVM
2nd, 3rd, 4th all LVM

LVM volumes:
- 30G /root
- 8G /var
- 8G /tmp
- 200G /var/log/pgsql
- 800G /var/spacewalk
- 4G swap

System boots into emergency mode because it does not find any of the
logical volumes defined, because it does not enable the LVM volume

Giving "lvm", then "vgchange -a y", followed by CTRL-D continues to
boot to full multiuser mode.
How can I make the system to enable the volume group and automatically
boot to full multiuser mode? Looks there is something broken at some
point and ths system does not enable the volume group. Any idea?