[CentOS] Increase Disk Space with LVM

Tue Jul 31 11:31:15 UTC 2018
Felix Kölzow <felix.koelzow at gmx.de>

Dear CentOS-Community,

we have a server with four hard drives that are configured as raid10 

Now, /home and /root are almost full. Therefore, we decided to buy four

additional hard drives that should configured also as raid 10 (/dev/sdb).

I want to use LVM to extend disk space for root and home.

My (successful) test procedure in a virtual environment looks like this:

 1. devide /dev/sdb into /dev/sdb1 for root and /dev/sdb2 for home using
 2. Convert disk to physical volume: pvcreate /dev/sdb1
 3. add physical volume to volume group (called centos): vgextend centos
 4. Allocate physical volume to a logical volume:lvextend -l +100$FREE
 5. resize2fs /dev/centos/root or xfs_grows /dev/centos/root depending
    on file system used
 6. repeat steps 2-6 for /home and sdb2

The mentioned instruction I've got from this page:


Now my question:

Is this procedure really safe or is something missing or are there some 

which I overlooked actually?

Kind Regards

Felix Kölzow