[CentOS] EXTERNAL: Samba issues with Win 10 (one last followup)

Thu Jun 28 16:50:06 UTC 2018
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Wells, Roger K. wrote:
> On 06/28/2018 10:35 AM, mark wrote:
>> Just ran into a problem: someone with a new laptop, running Win 10,
>> version 1709, tried to map their home directory (served from a CentOS 6.9
>> box, and it fails, with Windows complaining that it no longer supports
>> SMBv1, and if you go to their site, you can install support
>> for that manually....
>> The server running samba can *not* be updated to 7 - we have a lot of
>> stuff based off it, and most of our users use it, one way or another, so
>> it's a major thing when we do finally upgrade (or, more likely, replace
>> the server).
>> Has anyone run into this, and if so, any workarounds on the Linux end?
> I ran into this  as well.
> There is a procedure that a W10 administrator can enable SMBv1.
> I did it and it worked.
> I believe that I started from this link:
> https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/8160d62b-0f5d-48
> a3-9fe9-5cd319837917/how-te-reenable-smb1-in-windows1o?forum=win10itproge
> neral HTH

Yeah. I'm not sure why my original problem statement wasn't clear, and
I've done some online research since then, but what I was looking for was
a CentOS 6 solution, where we just modified the C6 samba server, rather
than have to put a ticket in for each and every user that's stuck with Win

And, since this is an office in a US federal gov't agency (civilian
sector, so budgets suck), there could be a dozen or two people, and I
understand we're getting in new laptops & desktops for a number of folks
with older systems, we're going to see more of this, and it's a big issue,
since the server that serves samba also does a lot else, and that will
affect almost everyone.

That's why a C6 solution would have been far better.

But I see that the cifs.ko with the C6 kernel doesn't support smbv2, so
that's what we'll have to do. (And, since the samba server is now out of
warranty, it's time to start thinking about a replacement).