[CentOS] FW: Squid and HTTPS interception on CentOS 7 ?

Fri Mar 9 15:17:18 UTC 2018
Andrew Holway <andrew.holway at gmail.com>

> Thanks for reporting this. Though I bluntly admit I just ignore
> everything coming from Microsoft. Hotmail has been tagging my company's
> mailserver as a spammer for ages, so I'm tagging everything coming from
> Microsoft as crapware. Nothing good has ever been produced by this
> company. The last time I actually used MS Windows for work was around
> 2001, before Windows XP came out. This is the year I moved to Linux
> (Slackware 7.1 at the time), and I've been 100 % GNU/Linux ever since.

This is a bit shortsighted. Microsoft has been producing excellent video
games for years.

Seriously, I am  inclined to cut them some slack since they started
promoting OSS. They are planning of opensource everything they do which I
think deserves a big thumbs up.

Oracle however.....

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