[CentOS] FW: Squid and HTTPS interception on CentOS 7 ?

Fri Mar 9 15:45:01 UTC 2018
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On 03/09/18 09:17, Andrew Holway wrote:
>> Thanks for reporting this. Though I bluntly admit I just ignore
>> everything coming from Microsoft. Hotmail has been tagging my company's
>> mailserver as a spammer for ages, so I'm tagging everything coming from
>> Microsoft as crapware. Nothing good has ever been produced by this
>> company. The last time I actually used MS Windows for work was around
>> 2001, before Windows XP came out. This is the year I moved to Linux
>> (Slackware 7.1 at the time), and I've been 100 % GNU/Linux ever since.
> This is a bit shortsighted. Microsoft has been producing excellent video
> games for years.
> Seriously, I am  inclined to cut them some slack since they started
> promoting OSS. They are planning of opensource everything they do which I
> think deserves a big thumbs up.

That is after what, 25 years or so? But now that OSS finally gets their 
[former] customer's attention, they embrace OSS (or promise to). It is 
like if you can not win your opponent, you should join him, and being 
better organized, become their leader, and lead them away into the 
desert. Some result shows already (at lease for those of us who don't 
like Linux started feel administration wise like MS Windows - but I 
shouldn't continue, we promised to ourselves stop ranting about that, 
some at least partially just fled elsewhere).

And still even now they are the only vendor on the system who tells 
customer that it is unsafe to run their system without third party 
software: antivirus.

But I definitely give MS that: they do know how to do business. How to 
lock in customers. How to make solely their customers big money ones, 
like government, pentagon,... folk with uncounted and unaccounted for money.

I do miss brilliant OS/2 by IBM.

> Oracle however.....
> </thread hijack>
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