[CentOS] using Skype on C-7

Fri May 25 04:26:44 UTC 2018
Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec at PoMec.Net>


I've whined about this before, but now I feel the overwhelming urge
to whine some more. Forgiveness begged... :)

I've spent some very frustrating times trying to get a microphone
to work when doing skype calls.

According to the various sound tools available on Centos all the
mics I have (built into webcam, analog headset, USB headset)produce
sound just fine.

but when using skype there are too many different knobs one can turn
to actually make it work. There's PulseAudio, Alsamixer, and for me,
since I use the Mate desktop, the Mate Volume Control, which can also
be accessed by a right-click on the speaker icon in the top panel.

then in skype I get a list of 5 (FIVE!) different audio input devices.

I just spent a frustrating time trying to join in a daily scrum at
my office (I'm out of the office today) wherein I could not get
audio to work.

afterwards I tried more things and managed to get ONE of the 3 to work,
the one built into the webcam. to do that I had to make the following

choose Input tab in the Mate Volume Control, then move the volume
slider most of the way over to the right.

In Alsa Mixer, set front mic to 70 and front mic boost to 100.

In Pavucontrol, enable webcam audio input, and crank it way up.

in Skype, choose "default device", as distinct from "Default Device",
or the other three choices.

There's gotta be a better way, I'm open to suggestions from anyone else
who has figured out how to configure the system to work with Skype,
having to configure FOUR different applications before it will work.

thanks (a lot!) in advance!


I am afraid I do not have an answer.  I looked at your post with the 
hope you would get a lot of responses.  

I finally gave up trying to get Skype to work with Cemtos 7 and put
together a dual boot system with a microsoft os too.

Skype works fine on the microsoft os, but I never could get it to work
on centos 7.