[CentOS] using Skype on C-7

Fri May 25 07:45:05 UTC 2018
Rob Kampen <rkampen at kampensonline.com>

On 25/05/18 16:26, Gregory P. Ennis wrote:
> Hi
> I've whined about this before, but now I feel the overwhelming urge
> to whine some more. Forgiveness begged... :)
> I've spent some very frustrating times trying to get a microphone
> to work when doing skype calls.
> According to the various sound tools available on Centos all the
> various
> mics I have (built into webcam, analog headset, USB headset)produce
> sound just fine.
> but when using skype there are too many different knobs one can turn
> to actually make it work. There's PulseAudio, Alsamixer, and for me,
> since I use the Mate desktop, the Mate Volume Control, which can also
> be accessed by a right-click on the speaker icon in the top panel.
> then in skype I get a list of 5 (FIVE!) different audio input devices.
> I just spent a frustrating time trying to join in a daily scrum at
> my office (I'm out of the office today) wherein I could not get
> outgoing
> audio to work.
> afterwards I tried more things and managed to get ONE of the 3 to work,
> the one built into the webcam. to do that I had to make the following
> settings:
> choose Input tab in the Mate Volume Control, then move the volume
> slider most of the way over to the right.
> In Alsa Mixer, set front mic to 70 and front mic boost to 100.
> In Pavucontrol, enable webcam audio input, and crank it way up.
> in Skype, choose "default device", as distinct from "Default Device",
> or the other three choices.
> There's gotta be a better way, I'm open to suggestions from anyone else
> who has figured out how to configure the system to work with Skype,
> without
> having to configure FOUR different applications before it will work.
> thanks (a lot!) in advance!
> ---------------------------------------------
> I am afraid I do not have an answer.  I looked at your post with the
> hope you would get a lot of responses.
> I finally gave up trying to get Skype to work with Cemtos 7 and put
> together a dual boot system with a microsoft os too.
> Skype works fine on the microsoft os, but I never could get it to work
> on centos 7.
> Greg
I have two laptops with C7 and skype - both pick up the laptop 
microphone just fine. On one of the laptops, the inbuilt mic is too 
noisy as it picks up the fans - it is a high powered i7 chip and fast 
graphic card thus lots of heat. So on that one I simply plug in an 
analog mic into the mic jack and that too just works (tm), Sorry to hear 
your particular setup is problematic - five mics does seem a lot, I 
guess no one has that many options.
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