[CentOS] HPLIP vs. CentOS

Tue May 1 11:58:41 UTC 2018
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>


Our local school has recently acquired an HP PageWide Pro 477
professional printer.

According to HP, the printer requires HPLIP 3.16.3 at least.

Unfortunately, CentOS is only shipping HPLIP 3.15.9.

So I downloaded and installed the hplip/hplipfull package from the HP
site. Installing this thing and getting it to work is not exactly a
trivial task, as I documented in my blog:


The printer and the scanner worked perfectly for some time.

Now all of a sudden scanning won't work anymore, and I have an alert
that the HP plugin must be installed.

So I launched hp-plugin (as I already did on numerous similar
installations before), but unfortunately the plugin installation fails
with the following error: Python gobject/dbus may not be installed.

A google search shows me that I'm not alone, and that this error has
affected users quite regularly over the years.

The relevant packages are already installed on my system, so I'm facing
a choice.

1. Either use the hplip-* packages provided by CentOS that are too old
for our printer.

2. Use the buggy hplipfull package provided by HP.

If anyone has an idea how to upgrade HPLIP on CentOS so that it actually
works, I'd be grateful.


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