[CentOS] ARM64 CentOS AltArch release 7.5

Fri May 25 12:33:37 UTC 2018
Frederik Lotter <frederik.lotter at netronome.com>


I have two questions:

(1) In 7.3 CentOS released a rootfs tar for ARM64. I can no longer find
this under the 7.5 release. Furthermore, I could also not find anything on
the ISO that seems rootfs-like in any near complete state. The closest was
the LiveOS/rootfs.img, but it seems this is not a complete fs as yum is
missing components, for example.

So my question is: Is there any way to still use CentOS releases on new
ARM64 development environments (without EFI boot support)?

(2) In terms of UEFI firmware support in the ARM64 world (e.g. EDKII vs
Uboot), is there any officially supported solution for CentOS, or do you
simply support whatever supports the UEFI interface?