[CentOS] OT: good free email service ?

Sat Nov 10 23:55:30 UTC 2018
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

On 11/10/2018 03:45 PM, Mike Burger wrote:
> On 2018-11-10 03:22, Alice Wonder wrote:
>> It's a real pain the arse.
> FWIW, I used to run my mail server at home, on my own private IP 
> (through my ISP). When I moved, in May, I had to switch providers and 
> they didn't offer static IP for home users, so I've moved my DNS and 
> mail server to the cloud.
> Between the two of them, they cost me about $50/month...not cheap, but 
> my IP isn't automatically on blacklists and I control everything, 
> including inbound spam protection.

I use Linode - sometimes it will go many months w/o being put on a 
blacklist, sometimes its a lot more common, I think they rotate IP 
assignment and when unused IP addresses on my subnet are not being 
assigned to new accounts there is no issue.

I just wish the spam lists would do a better job at realizing a 
well-aged domain that's been on the same IP address for years isn't a 
spammer and shouldn't be part of the blacklist.

In many respects I see it as a net neutrality issue, pushing everyone 
into the big providers that do their own share of spamming yet are never 
blacklisted because they are too big to blacklist.

I'm thinking about trying to design a DKIM based white list, e.g. if 
DKIM validates from aged domain that doesn't have positive spaminess to 
it, skip the IP based spam checks.

But even if I came up with something, the big e-mail companies wouldn't 
care to use it, they have no financial motive to and every financial 
motive not to (forces users into their tracking ecosystem)