[CentOS] kvm & keypad on Centos 7.5

Sun Sep 2 18:09:58 UTC 2018
Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec at PoMec.Net>


I have a lab computer I am using to test kvm.  It was difficult to
install with NetworkManager running.  After I turned nm off I got the
bridge to work and to stay in place.  NetworkManager kept chaning

I have several things I would like to learn and to tweak with KVM and
virtal machines.

The first small tweak is how to turn on the keypad on a keyboard.  I
have tried two logitech keyboards and both fail to allow the use of the
keypad on the guest.  On the host it works fine.  I have a nvidia card
in place with kmod-nvidia installed; the numeric keypad failed before
and after  kmod-nvidia was installed.

Any ideas, or this a bug???

Greg Ennis


I did find a BUG :


However, after doing some additional testing, my problem with the
numeric keypad appears to be related to gnome3, because the keypad did
not work on the host machine when the desktop was active with gnome3.

Fortunately, when I used kde on the desktop of the host machine, I
could use gnome3 on the guest machine and and the numeric keypad works.

Therefore this seems to be a gnome3 problem, and when gnome3 is used on
the host machine this problem is also transmitted to the guests.

Greg Ennis