[CentOS] Question on server speed

Mon Aug 5 17:17:05 UTC 2019
Jerry Geis <jerry.geis at gmail.com>

Hi all,

I have a customer server with 32 cores, 128G ram i7960X. So nice box...

Why is it that "all" I am really doing at the moment is copying things to
an external SSD disk USB3 connected and the machine "freezes"... Why is

clearly plenty of CPU RAM everything...
I can see "blocking" to write data to the external disk - but there are 31
other cores and plenty of memory to make it "seem" as nothing is happening
right now.

Do I need to 'tweak' something to no see GUI freezes... Waiting on
characters to show - even remoted in with SSH experiences the same thing -
so its not just X.

Thanks for any suggestions.