[CentOS] CentOS Amazon Machine Image?

Tue Aug 20 18:04:29 UTC 2019
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

I am totally new to AWS.  There was a posting here ~ a year ago making 
claims about setting up a CentOS image on AWS.

I have created a free AWS account and am looking at the available images.

None are named CentOS.  There is a Redhat Enterprise Linux 8 and 
Amazon's own Linux and SUSE, Ubuntu, but I don't find CentOS.

This is a learning endeavor.  I was thinking to first set up a BIND 
slave for my domain.  Then move on to a http image, then work with 
MariaDB.  All to see what I can do with AWS that is familiar to what I 
do on my own servers.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.