[CentOS] OT: mostly gone

Wed Aug 28 16:37:48 UTC 2019
Denniston, Todd A CIV USN NSWC CD CRANE ID (USA) <todd.denniston at navy.mil>

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> Subject: [CentOS] OT: mostly gone
> Hi, folks,
>    Well, it's ten years that I've been on this list, right when I started
> this job. But, it's time to move on... I'm retiring. (Yeah, that old.)
> So, though I'll be part time for a few months, and running CentOS at
> home (in spite of my manager's pushing me to do Ubuntu). This list is
> *so* much more useful than any of the ones I've seen for Ubuntu, or
> much else.

I am going to miss sharing the interesting experiences of getting things to work while following the 'Guidance' together with you.
Now *you* get to choose which guidance to follow. :)
>    One more thing: I know I've been over the top on ethics "I work for a
> US federal contractor, but not saying more", even though there's folks
> like Todd, who's military. 
Only a Civi' :)

> Anyway, now that I'm out, today, my line (in
> person) was, "I'm with the federal goverment, and I'm here to help
> you." 
One must be *_Very_* careful with that line... in certain facilities it even seems the rotating portions of computers become afraid of moving upon hearing it. :)

Even when this disclaimer is not here:
I am not a contracting officer. I do not have authority to make or modify the terms of any contract.