[CentOS] midco stealling searches, was browsers slowing Centos 7 installation to a crawl

Wed Dec 4 16:29:38 UTC 2019
Michael Hennebry <hennebry at web.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu>

On Wed, 4 Dec 2019, Louis Lagendijk wrote:

> The search parameter in resolv.conf is not related in any way to the
> searches in the browser. It just defines the domain to be added to
> hostnames that you want to resolve. So if you do a name lookup for foo,
> the resolver would add  midcoip.net so you get the ip-address for
> foo.midcoip.net if foo on its own could not be resolved.
> It midcoip wanted to steal your browser searches, it would have to
> hijack google.com, but that would not work as the browser would not
> connect as the https certificate wold be invalid.
> So you need to look at the browser settings to see what is happening
> there. DNS is most likely not involved.

That all makes sense,
especially given recent events.
That said, Midco had been stealing searches,
and unless something changed it beind my back,
my browser has always been set to google.com for searches.

Whatever happened is a mystery to me.

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