[CentOS] Problems installing CentOS 8

Wed Dec 25 17:15:17 UTC 2019
Michael Eager <eager at eagerm.com>

On 12/23/19 5:19 PM, Michael Eager wrote:
> I'm having a problem installing CentOS 8 from a USB drive.  When the 
> installer boots from the USB, it displays the language selection screen. 
>   After I select English and continue, the installer freezes.  The USB 
> drive flashes a couple times over the next minute or so, the stops.  The 
> mouse moves the cursor, but the installer is unresponsive to either 
> selecting QUIT or HELP.

I resolved the problem.

I had a multi-Tb external RAID box attached by USB to the system. 
Apparently, the installer was trying to analyze the available space and 
either failing or taking forever.  Once I disconnected the external 
drive, the installer was able to find the local disks.

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