[CentOS] CEEA-2019:4161 CentOS 7 microcode_ctl-2.1-53.7.el7_7.x86_64 update vs Dell Precision 7530

Wed Dec 25 11:43:11 UTC 2019
wwp <subscript at free.fr>


this update freshly announced (not available since days, like 2 weeks)
seemed to completely break my CentOS 7 system running on a Dell
Precision 7530. when I applied it days ago.

Once the new microcode has been applied during the yum update
transaction, with other updates like nss, system suddently froze, and
no way to reboot.

I could boot from a flashdrive and give a look at the boot logs,
determine that lots of updated files where 0-byte length on the xfs
root partition - and since the nss update was part of the yum update,
nothing could boot at all, nss comes w/ libraries that are quite
low-level, mostly network-related. I identified the broken files, the
broken packages, downloaded them from repositories and unpacked them
manually, in order to boot. Once I could boot the system, I reverted the
broken yum transaction, re-installed the updates et voila.

Since then, I live with a exclude=microcode_ctl-2.1-53.7.el7_7.x86_64
in CentOS-Base.repo file and wonder if I'll give the next update a
try.. or not!

Anybody w/ similar experience or any thought with regards to this?


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