[CentOS] using RedHat binary packages?

Wed Jul 3 06:43:40 UTC 2019
Harald Dunkel <harald.dunkel at aixigo.com>

Hi folks,

AFAIK CentOS uses RedHat's source RPMs for building the next CentOS
release. I am not sure about the bootstrap procedure and the infra-
structure packages, so lets put these corner cases aside.

RedHat's "regular" binary and source packages are based on open source
(GPL2, GPL3, Apache license, whatever). For building the binary RPMs
other open source RPMs with compatible license conditions are used.

My question is:

Are RedHat's binary RPMs "poisoned" somehow, making it impossible for
CentOS to redistribute RedHat's *binary* packages without going to jail?

Every insightful comment is highly appreciated.