[CentOS] using RedHat binary packages?

Wed Jul 3 08:53:48 UTC 2019
hns1 at iinet.net.au <hns1 at iinet.net.au>

As I understand it the rebuild only removes RedHat copyrighted
artifacts like their name and logo.
This is also why the release notes refer to 'upstream' rather than
RedHat by name (not that I studied it in depth recently)
The only 'poison' here is copyright, which CentOS avoids by removing
these artifacts.That said I am not a lawyer.

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Subject:[CentOS] using RedHat binary packages?

 Hi folks,

 AFAIK CentOS uses RedHat's source RPMs for building the next CentOS
 release. I am not sure about the bootstrap procedure and the infra-
 structure packages, so lets put these corner cases aside.
 .... snip..
 My question is:

 Are RedHat's binary RPMs "poisoned" somehow, making it impossible for
 CentOS to redistribute RedHat's *binary* packages without going to