[CentOS] HPE ProLiant - support Linux Vendor Firmware Service ?

Mon Jul 1 18:38:29 UTC 2019
lejeczek <peljasz at yahoo.co.uk>

On 01/07/2019 18:38, mark wrote:
> lejeczek via CentOS wrote:
>> hi guys
>> does anybody here runs on HPE ProLiant? I was hoping you can tell whether
>> HPE support Linux Vendor
>> Firmware Service and you actually get to upgrade ProLiants'
>> BIOS/firmware via fwupdmgr?
> Dunno 'bout "Linux Vendor Firmware Service", but HPE support, ah, yeah...
> let's not go there. And they *really* want you to use MS DOS to update the
> firmware. Oh, and when we had support in to do repairs about 6 or so
> months ago on our small SGI supercomputer (they bought SGI), the techs
> were worried, because HPE was spinning off support to Unisys, and how they
> were going to get parts....
>       mark "at least it's not Oracle/Sun support is all I can say"
hi, thanks for the info.
And you have tried fwupdmgr and no positive results? Which
Gen your ProLiants are?
On https://fwupd.org/ HPE logo shows up plus some notes but
first-hand experience is as always best to have, which I do
not have as I only begin to consider HPE hardware for the
first time.

Dell, which I have had for many years, do their own OMSA
which is better than nothing but this too is flaky at times.
I also a few years ago got Dell's tech support telling me to
do MS-DOS stuff in order to update BIOS.

I'm thinking & hoping that maybe IBM, since they are now
Redhat, will supply us with premium grade software support
for their hardware. Although IBM is a bit like Intel in my
opinion - they do not innovate that much, are old and
struggle to understand the end users like us.