[CentOS] Mate on Centos 7

Fri Jul 19 11:31:46 UTC 2019
Rob Kampen <rkampen at kampensonline.com>

On 19/07/19 11:06 PM, James Pearson wrote:
> isdtor wrote:
>>>> Can I really be the only user of Mate on Centos 7??
>>> No, definitely not. I use MATE on C7, because Gnome is, how do I
>>> say this politely..., um, horrible. Not a KDE fan either.
>>> Gnome-2.x wasn't broken, didn't need to be thrown away and replaced
>>> by something completely different.
>> Not broken, but full of bugs that will never get fixed.

I keep seeing posts about alternative desktops - great, just another of 
the things that make linux the OS of choice - you have choice; even 
about which desktop management system you wish to use.

I have not tried mate for a number of years, it was quite simple and 
basic to use, but also lacked some of the polish we see in the market 
place, I have tried KDE and usually just use gnome, at whatever 
iteration RH and CentOS put out. KDE out of the box a year or so ago 
caused me some major grief to do with files and indexes and loosing disk 
space, so I walked away. Gnome has not been kind to developers like 
myself, and those trying to do real work with their work-stations - 
things that once were easy have become more difficult, however I have 
found solutions to most of the problems the later releases have introduced.

Why bring this up? Well I guess I agree with some of the sentiment 
expressed often by a regular group of list contributors, but I also find 
it going stale.

Change in the IT world is a constant. Not all of it is progress, in the 
sense of getting closer to a particular goal. However, it must be 
recognised that there are many, many different goals out there, and many 
of those will not be convergent, thus some gain, others loose.

So at the end of the day, we make our choice, and live with the 
consequences. I am looking forward to spinning up CentOS 8 in the next 
month or two and seeing what that works like for my particular mix of 
tasks. It seems RH has chosen to support gnome desktop, thus for better 
or worse, that's where I'll go too. CentOS has far too many other 
benefits for me to go elsewhere.

HUGE thanks to all the CentOS team and those that offer their experience 
to help and assist others - it makes my computing world function more or 
less reliably and deterministically, and all under my ability to observe 
and use.

Thanks for reading, please forgive my slightly off topic rant.


>> I did a while back rebuild the EPEL rpms for 1.20. There are spec
>> files I could make available but I can't find the build environemnt
>> setup now. It involves mock, a custom local repo to receive the fresh
>> builds as you don't want to pull in the rpms from EPEL, and a build
>> script that defines the order, among other things. If I have time
>> next week I can try and locate everything.
> If Mate won't be (or may not be?) supported by EPEL, has anyone looked
> at similar alternatives?
> I came across 'Cinnamon' (which is available from EPEL) - does anyone
> have experience of Cinnamon (good/bad/otherwise) ?
> Thanks
> James Pearson
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