[CentOS] Mate on Centos 7

Fri Jul 19 11:06:55 UTC 2019
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

isdtor wrote:
>>> Can I really be the only user of Mate on Centos 7??
>> No, definitely not. I use MATE on C7, because Gnome is, how do I 
>> say this politely..., um, horrible. Not a KDE fan either.
>> Gnome-2.x wasn't broken, didn't need to be thrown away and replaced
>> by something completely different.
> Not broken, but full of bugs that will never get fixed.
> I did a while back rebuild the EPEL rpms for 1.20. There are spec
> files I could make available but I can't find the build environemnt
> setup now. It involves mock, a custom local repo to receive the fresh
> builds as you don't want to pull in the rpms from EPEL, and a build
> script that defines the order, among other things. If I have time
> next week I can try and locate everything.

If Mate won't be (or may not be?) supported by EPEL, has anyone looked 
at similar alternatives?

I came across 'Cinnamon' (which is available from EPEL) - does anyone 
have experience of Cinnamon (good/bad/otherwise) ?


James Pearson