[CentOS] C8 Questions

Alessandro Baggi

alessandro.baggi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 16:12:23 UTC 2019

Hi all,
I've several questions about C8. I'm using 8 on my personal NAS and 
works very well. I'm running several VMs with centos 8 and noticed 

1) Why corosync, pacemaker and pcs are missing on C8? They are only 
available on rhel with payments( rhel ha addons)?
2) Why there is only Gnome as available DE? I use centos on my 
workstation and I'm a kde-plasma user. XFCE is ok but not gnome. I tried 
fedora, it has all software that I need and it is a very good distro but 
I don't like too much update and its EOL (upgrade/reinstall every 13 
months on a workstation is not so good for me). I don't want to be 
forced to install another stable distro like debian (This not means that 
debian is bad but I prefer centos).
3) I have a VM with C8 installed. I got several updates but I don't 
receive any update for 8 on centos-announce like for previous versions 
(6 & 7). Something has changed?
4) EPEL. I know that EPEL is a Fedora SIG but I use several packages 
from EPEL. There is a place to see what packages will be included in 
EPEL? For example, I tried to install audacious from epel but got errors 
for missing deps. Seems that EPEL8 is released but not ready. There is a 
ETA for this?
5) It's my impression or there are less packages in this release?
6) Why cockpit installed by default?
7) Why repo PowerTools was created? What is the main purpose?
8) Why NetworkManager is the default method to configure interfaces? I 
know that I can install network-scripts but I don't understand this change.

Best regards, Alessandro.

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