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Scott Robbins

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Fri Nov 15 16:26:09 UTC 2019

On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 05:12:23PM +0100, Alessandro Baggi wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've several questions about C8. I'm using 8 on my personal NAS and works
> very well. I'm running several VMs with centos 8 and noticed something:
> 1) Why corosync, pacemaker and pcs are missing on C8? They are only
> available on rhel with payments( rhel ha addons)?
> 2) Why there is only Gnome as available DE? I use centos on my workstation
> and I'm a kde-plasma user. XFCE is ok but not gnome. I tried fedora, it has
> all software that I need and it is a very good distro but I don't like too

Many things are available in the epel-testing repo. Even though it's marked
testing, many packages (such as openbox and rxvt-unicode are quite stable.
I would guess XFCE is available there but as I don't use it, I haven't

> much update and its EOL (upgrade/reinstall every 13 months on a workstation
> is not so good for me). I don't want to be forced to install another stable
> distro like debian (This not means that debian is bad but I prefer centos).
> 3) I have a VM with C8 installed. I got several updates but I don't receive
> any update for 8 on centos-announce like for previous versions (6 & 7).
> Something has changed?

> 4) EPEL. I know that EPEL is a Fedora SIG but I use several packages from
> EPEL. There is a place to see what packages will be included in EPEL? For
> example, I tried to install audacious from epel but got errors for missing
> deps. Seems that EPEL8 is released but not ready. There is a ETA for this?

Again, right now, it seems that many packages are still in epel-testing.
My guess (no knowledge, just a guess) is that as CentOS-8 is relatively
new, a lot of packages still have to be made and testing.

> 5) It's my impression or there are less packages in this release?

See above.

> 6) Why cockpit installed by default?
> 7) Why repo PowerTools was created? What is the main purpose?

This is part of rpmfusion, I think.  I know that when enabling rpmfusion,
CentOS users are told to also enable powertools. In the past, Nux provided
a repo for multimedia stuff, but has run out of time and can not maintain
it for CentOS-8. Therefore, one can use rpmfusion (and powertools) for
multimedia needs.

> 8) Why NetworkManager is the default method to configure interfaces? I know
> that I can install network-scripts but I don't understand this change.

My snarky opinion is that this is what happens when single user laptop
users develop  a server O/S. You can disable it, or use nmcli (which is
like NM though, I usually disable it, though the way RH works, I imagine
that sooner or later it will be impossible to disable it and still have a

I only gave my answers to some questions, I don't know the answers to the

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