[CentOS] CLAMD and EXIM - anyone got it working`

Gary Stainburn

gary.stainburn at ringways.co.uk
Fri Nov 29 09:56:49 UTC 2019

Has anyone actually got CLAMD and EXIM working?

I've just had a go on a new VPS server without success. The only thing that happened was that my server slowed because clamd was hogging CPU.

I have done a lot of googling and all I found was a couple of howto's that said the same thing, and my questions from 2015 which is the last time I tried this.

I can get clamd / freshclam etc installed, although from the two howto's I worked from I had to edit / create service files and edit config files. However, I still do not manage to get a clamd.exim socket created on my system.

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