[CentOS] Unique3 and Unique3-devel package missing from CentOS 8

Tue Oct 8 19:38:27 UTC 2019
Mike Litoris <mikelitoris at ctemplar.com>

>On Tue, October 8, 2019 at 7:16:51 PM <smooge at gmail.com> wrote:>On Tue, 8 Oct 2019 at 15:06, Jerry Geis  wrote:>>>> These packages were in C7 - dont appear to be in C8 - not even in AppStream.>>>> How do I get them?>>They aren't in the OS, so I would look at a secondary repository like>EPEL. It doesn't look like anyone has requested them there yet so I>would open a ticket in bugzilla.redhat.com to see if the maintainer>would branch and build in EPEL.Stephen, taking the oportunity here to ask for the following missing packages:quaggastrongswantorCheers,Mike.