[CentOS] qeum on centos 8 with nvme disk

Sun Oct 13 14:31:50 UTC 2019
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

On 13/10/19 00:57, Jerry Geis wrote:
>> How do you measure the slowness? Use fio or bonnie++ to share some number.
> By it taking more than 6 hours to "install" CentOS 8 in the guest :)
> Jerry
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Hi Jerry,
6 hours are too much. First of all you need to check your nvme 
performace (dd can help? dd if=/dev/zero of=/test bs=1M count=10000 andd 
see results. If you want results more benchmark oriented you could try 
bonnie++ as suggested by Jerry).

Other this, have you got kvm module loaded and enabled cpu 
virtualization option in the BIOS?

If yes, have you got created the VM using --accelerate?

Have you tried another distro on VM?

Actually I can't install C8 on my nmve drive. It powers this workstation 
and is still 7.7, at the moment I don't install C8 because it is unusable.

Hope that helps.