[CentOS] Odd issue with 7.7.1908 updated with qemu-kvm-ev

Tue Oct 15 14:28:50 UTC 2019
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>


> So, I have a client that has an internal use application that needs an
> ancient version of libc5.  That's not a typo; libc5.  Before the server
> that ran it died about a year and a half ago (said server was an AMD
> K6-2/450 with a 6GB Western Digital Caviar drive that had been spinning
> nearly continuously for almost 20 years!) it was running on Red Hat
> Linux 5.2.  The last version of CentOS that shipped with a libc5 was
> 2.1.  So I set them up a KVM guest running CentOS 2.1, mainly because
> Red Hat 5.2 wouldn't recognize the network at all, using the e1000
> network driver, and it ran well.
> Now, yes, there are no updates, but no it doesn't matter; it's an
> internal use application that has a very small footprint and very low
> risk.
> After the update on the host to 7.7.1908, the network stopped running. 
> The host also has a CentOS 7 guest that is still working properly.  If I
> change the 2.1 system to not automatically load the e1000 driver and
> console in and 'modprobe e1000' manually, it starts working again, for a
> while.

Just as a workaround, did you try to use another network card than the e1000?