[CentOS] Odd issue with 7.7.1908 updated with qemu-kvm-ev

Tue Oct 15 14:59:13 UTC 2019
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 10/15/19 10:28 AM, Simon Matter via CentOS wrote:
> Hi,
>> ... After the update on the host to 7.7.1908, the network stopped 
>> running. The host also has a CentOS 7 guest that is still working 
>> properly.  If I change the 2.1 system to not automatically load the 
>> e1000 driver and console in and 'modprobe e1000' manually, it starts 
>> working again, for a while. 
> Just as a workaround, did you try to use another network card than the 
> e1000?
Yes, I did; the only other option was for the 8139 NIC, which in CentOS 
2.1 is the '8139too' driver. And it worked; until I rebooted the guest 
and the driver was loaded automatically.  If either driver is loaded 
manually, after the 'ifup eth0' has already been executed, it works, at 
least for a few hours.  There are no virtio drivers that I could find 
for C2.1 (not surprising).

I did forget to mention that this is bridged networking, and is working 
great for the C7 guest that is on the same C7 host.  Even when the C2.1 
guest's connectivity goes down, the bridge shows as up and not blocking.