[CentOS] Hiding a grub menuentry?

James Pearson

james-p at moving-picture.com
Tue Oct 15 16:10:53 UTC 2019

Richard wrote:
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>> Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 14:52:39 +0100
>> From: James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>
>> Does anyone know if it is possible to 'hide' a grub menuentry with
>> CentOS 7 ?
>> I have a custom menuentry that I don't want to be seen on the grub
>> screen - but it needs to be selectable as the entry to boot via
>> 'grub2-reboot'
>> I've scanned the grub2 documentation - but I can't find anything
>> obvious - so I'm guessing it can't be done - unless someone knows
>> otherwise ?
> I believe that you can accomplish what you are after by changing the
> quoted menuentry label in grub.cfg:
>      menuentry 'CentOS Linux (3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7.x86_64) 7 (Core)' ...
> to just a blank:
>      menuentry ' ' ...
> for the specific entry. I do this for the windows side of my
> dual-boot laptop. I boot to windows by scrolling down to the blank
> line below the centos entries.

Looks like this might work - I can use a 'blank' label and also use the 
'--id' option to allow grub2-reboot to select the required menuentry by 
its 'id' ...


James Pearson

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