[CentOS] deprecations leading up to C8

Mon Sep 23 08:53:21 UTC 2019
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>

Le 22/09/2019 à 23:47, Fred Smith a écrit :
> Thanks Niki! Google even does a pretty good job of translating them for
> those of us who are Francophonally challended.
> I find it humorous that it talks about "throwing" an application. :)
> I guess the original was something like "launching", only in French.

On a related off-topic note, here's a funny anecdote. Back in the
mid-nineties, I worked as a translator for a french company that worked
for IBM. We did all the work for their brand-new project, but things
were kept secret, so we had to use a dummy project name, and the real
name was only to be revealed very shortly before the release.

Some time before the release, IBM revealed the project name "Pine" for
their new multimedia PC. And we had a problem. Because the advertisement
folders had now titles like "Découvrez les joies du multimédia avec
votre Pine". In France, "pine" is the slang word for "penis".

After a few funny phone calls, the project was eventually renamed, and
some of you may remember the IBM Aptiva running Windows 95.




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