[CentOS] CentOS advisories for 8 release

Fri Aug 7 21:05:56 UTC 2020
Olivier Bonhomme <obonhomme at nerim.net>

Hello dear CentOS community,

I'm writing on this mailing list because I'm discovering CentOS 8 after 
several years of practice on CentOS 7.

One of my main concern about a distribution is Bug Fixes and Security 
Fixes. For CentOS 7, all fixes where identified on CentOS-Announces 
lists with CESA, CEBA and CEEA which is a good thing in order to 
identify how a distribution can be broken, vulnerable.

However, I didn't find any announcement for CentOS 8. I tried to 
investigate about any changes about announcement policies but I didn't 
find anything reliable.

So I'm asking here what is exactly the status about announcements for 
CentOS 8 ? Is it a thing who totally disappeared replaced by Red Hat 
advisories or is it something different ? Or maybe it is just not 
planned yet ?

Explanations would be very welcomed.

Thanks for your answer

Olivier Bonhomme